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ISO and QS Caliber Documentation

With the move to Windows application with on-line documentation this function is moving toward job or procedure specific documentation to support ISO or QS requirements for your MRP system. Once a company has made the investment in the MRP software, the proper operation of the system requires a consistent application of data transactions. It is imperative that the details of ones job are documented so turnover, vacations and other times of absence can be handled with a minimum of disruption.

This is not a quality issue; these procedures and work instructions are guidelines to build your product the same way day after day! All documentation is in Word 2000 format and are broken down into three categories:
  1. Procedures
  2. Work Instructions
  3. Forms

Procedures contain the basic process, or paper trail, for performing a function. I.e. What is the procedure for receiving purchased material.

Work Instructions hold the exact process for performing the function. I.e. Open this screen, navigate to this menu and input the data.
Click here for an example of an Inventory Control work instruction. After download please click "Enable Editing" to view in normal mode.

Forms are documents that keep track of the normal or exceptions to the daily operation of the business.
(Missed customer shipment log, premium freight log, recovery and corrective action, etc.)

Click here for a one page word document of this page for future review. After download, please click "Enable Editing" to view in normal mode.

Manufacturing Systems Group has Procedures, Work Instructions and Forms completed for MAX 3.7, MAX 4.0 and the new MAX 5.0. Click on the department name below to view the available documentation. The cost for all documentation is  $3,000. All prices are in US dollars.

# Pages

Inventory Control 80
Production Control 93
Sales Order Entry (Customer Service) 32
Engineering 59
Labor Tracking 19
Information Systems 78
Alert Manager 3
Accounting 26
Sales/Marketing 1
ISO Administrator 18
Total number of pages   461

To start the ISO caliber documentation process please contact us at:
Phone:    727 642-4677


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