Information Systems Procedures & Work Instructions
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MRP/ERP Implementation

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Information Systems Procedures & Work Instructions

Name Procedures # Pages
ISP04001 Disaster recovery plan 1
ISP04002 Installation of software 1
ISP04003 Backup of system 1
ISP04004 Time dependent procedures 1
ISP04005 Reset MTD and YTD counters 1
Name Work Instructions  
ISI04001 Generating new part sales prices 3
ISI04002 Generating new customer based price book pricing 2
ISI04003 Re-index MAX data files 2
ISI04004 Master schedule requirement regeneration 7
ISI04005 Manufacturing order requirement regeneration 8
ISI04006 Online help 2
ISI04007 Part information display 2
ISI04008 Add Crystal Reports to module tool menu 1
ISI04009 Printing PO confirm report 2
ISI04010 Launching Purge and Archive Manager (PAM) 2
ISI04011 Sales Order and Order Master status update 1
ISI04012 Reports to run prior to purge and archive 2
ISI04013 Report to run after purge and archive 2
ISI04014 Scheduling batch activities 2
ISI04015 Purge and archive transaction history 1
ISI04016 Purge and archive purchase orders 1
ISI04017 Purge and archive sales orders 1
ISI04018 Purge and archive shop orders 1
ISI04019 Purge part/stock data 1
ISI04020 Purge physical inventory data 1
ISI04021 Reset cycle count data 1
ISI04022 Purge purchase requisitions 1
ISI04023 Purge work GL data 2
ISI04024 Purge accounting data 2
ISI04025 Purge MTD/YTD data 1
ISI04026 Purge serial number data 1
ISI04027 Purge labor tracking data 1
ISI04028 Purge lot tracking data 1
ISI04029 MRP data audits 1
ISI04030 Review/Change next order number 2
ISI04031 Purge all forecast orders 6
ISI04032 Loading forecast orders using ETL module 2
ISI04033 Generating XML forecast data file 4
ISI04034 Shrink and rebuild setup 2
ISI04035 Data fix utility 2
Name Forms  
ISF04001 Future  
  Total number of pages  78


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