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MRP/ERP Implementation

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MRP/ERP Implementation

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MRP Implementation

Implementation of an MRP system isn't a matter of just loading a few discs and using the system. We always recommend a phased approach for any MRP implementation, including milestones, where everyone can see what is expected, monitor results and get a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about the progress.           
  • Phase 1 is a 2-day audit of the overall MRP system. On the afternoon of the 2nd day we sit down and discuss our findings and review our written recommendations. The audit will yield a "state-of-the-union" of your MRP system and establish a baseline for future planning. Click here for additional audit information.
  • Phase 2 will put a team together and:
        - Identify problems at your facility
        - Perform a readiness assessment
        - Document the needs
        - Outline training and documentation requirements
        - Recommend priorities
        - Establish time bogeys for the major items.
        - Identify the MRP coordinator person
  • Phase 3 will:
        - Outline manpower requirements with cost estimates for management review and approval
        - Document measurable milestones
        - Generate project plan chart in MS Project
        - Identify a pilot project (limit to a few parts)
  • Phase 4 is the start of pilot implementation to:
        - Announce the MRP implementation coordinator and other team members
        - Finalize schedule priorities
        - Develop detailed project assignments
        - Outline detailed training and documentation requirements for the project.
        - Start the education and training process.
  • Phase 5 will complete the pilot project then:
        - Recap the entire project plan
        - Fine tune procedures and training plans from what has been learned
        - Update schedule for complete project implementation
        - Success of the pilot will soon get around
  • Phase 6 continues with the entire project. 
        - Duration will depend on available resources and top level commitment
Phase 2 and 3 combined usually take 2 to 3 weeks to complete and requires communication with each department. Our job is to "teach the teacher" so you can maintain the system once it is up and running.
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For more information on the MRP implementation process please contact us at:
Phone:   727 642-4677



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