2-Day MRP Audit

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2 day MRP/ERP Audit

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MRP/ERP Implementation

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 2-Day MRP Audit

The 2-day MRP audit provides a state-of-the-union for your MRP system. Not all problems will be uncovered, however the audit will yield an understanding of the current MRP status and provide the bases for future planning. All audits are performed by senior level manufacturing personnel with many years of MRP systems experience.

The audit consist of three parts:
  1. Review of the MRP system
  2. Written report of our findings (afternoon of 2nd day)
  3. Written recommendations (afternoon of 2nd day)
Review of MRP system:
  • General review of MRP system
  • Planning review
    - Material and labor
    - Sales and operations
    - Integration of systems
    - Future
  • New product introduction process
  • Education and training environment
  • Operational documentation
    - Procedures
    - Work instructions
    - Forms
  • Data accuracy
  • Review of major departments including:
    - Inventory
    - Shop Floor
    - Purchasing
    - Sales Order Entry
    - Production Control
  • Reporting process
    - Bar coding potential
  • Brief review of the network
  • Database health
Report of our findings
On the afternoon of the 2nd day we sit down and review our report. The report is designed to indicate "just the facts". Problem areas will be identified on the report and covered in our recommendations.


Written recommendations
Our recommendations are based on the audit findings and represent our best judgment of what action should be taken. Recommendations are documented without any knowledge of who is attending the review meeting!



The price for the audit is $2,000 ($1000 per day) plus expenses. We arrive the night before to get an early start on the 1st day. All prices are in US dollars.

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To inquire about an audit please contact us at:
Phone:    727 642-4677


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