MRP Implementation Project Chart

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Education and Training

Senior Level Overview

MRP/ERP Implementation

ISO/QS Caliber Doc's

Procedures & Work Instructions


2 day MRP/ERP Audit

Inventory Control

Accuracy, Organization & Reduction

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MRP/ERP Implementation

Factory assembly floor MRP/ERP Implementation

MRP Requirements

Having the MRP system drive the material requirements

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MRP Implementation Project Chart

We always use Microsoft Project to generate a Gantt (bar) chart that include the following:
  • Defining the departments/functions involved (Major heading)
    • Start of project
    • Basic system
    • Inventory Control
    • Physical inventory
    • Shop Floor Control
    • Production Scheduling
    • MRP
    • Purchasing Control
    • Refinement and consolidation (time to review status)
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Final system audit
    • Full system operational
    • Management reporting
    • Document the system
    • Final system review
  • Outline the tasks required in all departments
  • Document who is going to do the work
  • Establish a time line and prerequisites
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Monthly review with senior management

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