Inventory Control Procedures & Work Instructions

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MRP/ERP Implementation

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Inventory Control Procedures & Work Instructions


Name Procedures # Pages
ICP03001 Return Material Authorization (RMA) 1
ICP03002 Identify products in finished goods area 1
ICP03003 Changing primary stockroom assignment 1
ICP03004 Inventory tag issuance and control 1
ICP03005 FIFO procedure for material 1
ICP03006 Packaging for shipping parts 3
ICP03007 Issue material to shop order 1
ICP03008 Receiving purchased parts 2
ICP03009 Picking parts 1
ICP03010 Overflow inventory procedure 1
ICP03011 Transferring material from QC to stockroom 1
ICP03012 Physical inventory procedure 2
ICP03013 Cycle counting 1
ICP03014 Receiving outside manufactured parts 3
ICP03015 Shop floor finds defective material 1
ICP03016 Receiving purchase parts exceptions 2
ICP03017 Inventory stock ID naming convention 1
ICP03018 Time dependent procedures 1
ICP03019 Temporarily loan parts from the stockroom 1
ICP03020 Pull material for floor stock 1
ICP03021 Bulk issue floor stock 1
Name Work Instructions  
ICI03001 Printing Master Schedule order pick list 2
ICI03002 Printing Manufacturing order pick list 2
ICI03003 Issue material to shop order 3
ICI03004 Printing receiving labels 1
ICI03005 Purging part/stock location data 2
ICI03006 Generate physical inventory tag file 2
ICI03007 Maintain physical inventory tags 2
ICI03008 Void physical inventory tag 2
ICI03009 Update on-hand quantities after physical inventory 2
ICI03010 Issue negative material to shop order (MS or MF) 3
ICI03011 Receiving inventory purchase order 2
ICI03012 Receiving shop order 3
ICI03013 Transfer stock to stock 3
ICI03014 Cycle count material 2
ICI03015 Adjustment to stock 2
ICI03016 Repetitive receipt to stock 3
ICI03017 Print pallet sheet 1
ICI03018 Receive non-inventory PO 2
ICI03019 Issue material to sub-contract BOM PO 3
ICI03020 Shipping BOM PO material to sub-contractor 2
ICI03021 Receiving sub-contract BOM PO 2
ICI03022 Bulk issue floor stock material 2
ICI03023 Purge physical inventory tag file 2
ICI03024 Update frozen tag file with current on-hand quantities 2
Name Forms  
ICF03001 Receiving box label 2
ICF03002 Crib identification label 1
  Total number of pages  80


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