Senior Level MRP Implementation Overview
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Senior Level MRP Implementation Overview

This page will cover the basics of MRP implementation for senior level managers. They include:

  1. Path to success (what is required)
    • Audit assessment  
  2. Vision statement (What do we want to accomplish)
  3. Project organization
    • Steering committee
    • Strong MRP coordinator
    • Project team of key players
    • Outside consulting
  4. Performance goals
  5. Initial education
  6. Data management
    • Accuracy and accountability
    • Process improvement
  7. Performance measurements
  8. Audit assessment
  9. On going education requirements
  10. Prerequisite of successful implementation
    • Top management involvement
    • Companywide education
    • Well defined goals
    • Implementation schedule
  11. Business and marketing plan
  12. Production and shop floor load plan
  13. Master Production Scheduling, if used
  14. Capacity planning
  15. Inventory A-B-C analysis
  16. MRP system
    • Pilot project
  17. Project planning and management
  18. Policy and procedure development
    • Procedures
    • Work instructions   Click here for an example of a Inventory Control Work Instruction in word format.
  19. Monthly management reports
  20. Where others have failed
  21. Summary and Q&A
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