Labor Tracking Procedures & Work Instructions
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MRP/ERP Implementation

Factory assembly floor MRP/ERP Implementation

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Labor Tracking Procedures & Work Instructions

Name Procedures # Pages
LTP10001 Future  
Name Work Instructions  
LTI10001 Adding employee ID information 2
LTI10002 Log into shop order account 2
LTI10003 Log out of shop order account 2
LTI10004 Log into indirect account 2
LTI10005 Log out of indirect account 2
LTI10006 Maintain employee work data 3
LTI10007 Maintain time tickets 2
LTI10008 Post time ticket completions 2
LTI10009 Display open work records 2
Name Forms  
LTF10001 Future  
  Total number of pages  19


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