Engineering Procedures & Work Instructions
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MRP/ERP Implementation

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Engineering Procedures & Work Instructions

Name Procedures # Pages
ENP08001 Engineering change order (ECO) 1
ENP08002 Effectively date 1
ENP08003 Adding top level development part number 1
ENP08004 Adding manufacturing or master schedule part 1
ENP08005 Adding purchase part 1
ENP08006 Deleting part number 1
ENP08007 Routing sequence number assignments 2
ENP08008 Changing engineering status to 5 (Obsolete) 1
Name Work Instructions  
ENI08001 Adding new purchased part number 5
ENI08002 Adding new manufacturing part number 5
ENI08003 Adding components to a parent part 4
ENI08004 Copying components from one parent to another 3
ENI08005 Deleting components from a parent part 2
ENI08006 Adding part notes 2
ENI08007 Adding parent/component notes 3
ENI08008 Adding resource components to a parent part 3
ENI08009 Adding part routings 2
ENI08010 Adding generic routing notes 2
ENI08011 Adding part specific routing notes 3
ENI08012 Delete part number 1
ENI08013 Mass delete of routings 1
ENI08014 Mass delete of component part numbers from BOM's 1
ENI08015 Mass delete of all components from a parent part 1
ENI08016 Add sub-contract routing 2
ENI08017 Mass change components on BOM 2
ENI08018 Maintain configurator features 1
ENI08019 Maintain configurator options 1
ENI08020 Maintain configurator feature/bill of material 1
ENI08021 Adding planning component to parent 3
Name Forms  
ENF08001 Engineering change order (ECO) 1
ENF08002 Engineering change order log 1
  Total number of pages  59


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