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MRP/ERP Implementation

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Manufacturing Systems Group Partners

The following companies perform or provide services for the Exact (MAX) MRP system or other MRP related systems. Manufacturing Systems Group is not responsible for the content of the web sites listed below which we have exchanged links.

Computer Control Technology Consulting (CCT Consulting)
We have partnered with Computer Controlled Technology, Stu Miller, to perform all MAX and related function including:

  • MAX 4.0 and 5.0 software installs, upgrades and data conversion
  • Pervasive and SQL software installs, upgrades and training
  • Dynamics software installs, upgrades and training
  • Network/server evaluation and recommendations

Please call or email Stu to review your specific requirements at:
Ph:        727 533-9595

Tatum Consulting, LLC
Marcus Tatum has developed several items for the MAX system including:
  • EDI integration with the MAX system
  • End of month accounting reports
  • Number of working days function
Please visit their web site or email for more information at:
Web site:
Email at:

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